General Info

The desktop and mobile website and Wrebby’s applications (Hereinafter: “Site and App”) are the property of Wrebby SRL, legal head office in Via Adriano Deambrosis 07 - Serravalle Sesia (VC) Italy, VAT IT02676660026, R.E.A. VC204755, Share Capital 1.022,00€ f.p. (“the Owner”)

Wrebby is a web service to sharing informative material in fair, which allows the profiling of visitor preferences.

The agreement between Wrebby and its users include the following Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms”), our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy. By using Wrebby, the user expressly declares he/she has read, acknowledged and accepted in full all the terms and conditions contained herein. The user must not use this Website, if he/she has any objection to any of these Terms.

User status

When someone benefits from any service offered by Site and App (“Service” or “Services”), he/she is granted the “User Status” (“User” or “Users”). Where required, registration takes place in the forms expressly provided by the particular Service.

The offered Services are mostly for free. However, some Services may require payment, when chargeable features are purchased.

Permitted and Prohibited Practices

The User agrees to utilize the Site, the App, all their contents and Services in compliance with the law, with the rules of public order, the accepted principles of morality, and in conformity with these Terms and Conditions. Moreover, he/she agrees: to make an appropriate use of the Services and of the contents of Site and App (as well as any electronic devices, owned by Wrebby or third parties, which are connectable or connected to the Site or App) and not to employ them in activities, which are illegal, against good faith, or criminal. In this regard, the User may not adopt behaviours, which are against the laws of the current legal system, infringing the rights of third parties and/or violating other regulations.

Particularly, the User may not transmit, broadcast, disclose or share any contents and information (data, messages, audio files, pictures, images, software etc) contrary to the law, morality, public order, or these Terms. Site and App may not be used for purposes other than those envisaged by the Owner.

Furthermore, the Owner reserves the right to terminate access to Site and App’s Services and contents at the sole discretion of its commercial policy. Likewise, it reserves the right to revoke access to its pages without notice to any User, who violates the provisions of these legal Terms.

Intellectual Property

The Owner enjoys legitimate property rights over the Site and the App, the pages they include, the information or components contained in texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphics, databases, software, logos, trademarks, trade names or other signs protected by intellectual or industrial property rights, with the exception of information material provided by the Users.


The Owner cannot ensure uninterrupted access, nor the correct viewing, downloading or use of the elements and information contained in the pages of Site and App, which may be prevented, hindered or interrupted by factors or circumstances beyond its control.

The Owner disclaims all warranties for information, contents, goods and services, which are offered or supplied on the Site and App by third parties (natural or legal persons).

Neither the Owner, nor third information providers shall be liable for any damages, losses, claims or expenses arising from: interferences, interruptions, errors, omissions, telephone failures, delays, blockages or disconnections of the electronic system due to deficiencies, errors and overloads on the lines and telecommunications networks, or to any other cause beyond the control of the Owner, the utilization of any illegal program and with any type of media, such as virus or similar, the improper or incorrect use of the Owner's websites, Internet security issues or errors caused by browser’s defects or failure to use updated versions.


The search and consultation of information on Site and App are carried out through automatic procedures, and, in any case, the Owner declines all responsibility for content, accuracy, truthfulness and compliance with the rules contained in these Terms. In any event, the User may report any information, which is deemed to be illegal, fraudulent, suspicious, or in contrast with these Terms by sending a notification to Site and App via e-mail, using the dedicated page.

The information material on Site and App is published by companies, professionals, private users and trade fairs. Their publication does not implicitly entail approval or endorsement by the Owner, nor does it imply any form of warranty on behalf of the latter, concerning their content.

User license

Unless otherwise expressly provided, Wrebby grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable and free license, which enables the User to avil him/herself of the App in accordance with these Terms, and with the rules and policies of the platform, which the App is downloaded from. This license covers also improvements or updates made available by Wrebby, unless otherwise disposed by the release of a new license.

The User agrees not to distribute, publish or otherwise transfer the App to third parties. Moreover, Users have to acknowledge that the App was not created solely for their own needs, but it is intended for general use.

When the User downloads and uses the App, Wrebby has access to some personal data of the User’s device, such as its name, IP address, the version of its operating system, and its location; When in use, the App works via the Internet connection, which is available to the User.

The User may not:
translate, adapt, change, modify, infringe, circumvent, decode, decrypt, disassemble, produce derivative works or interfere in any manner with any features of the App, or assist any other subject, who does so;

use the App illegally, for illegal purposes, or in a manner contrary to these Terms, nor act fraudulently or maliciously (e.g. by entering data, applications or codes, which could damage the App or the operating system);

upload any content, which may be considered violent, threatening, encouraging of racial hatred, privacy invasive, discriminatory, defamatory, offensive, illegal, or may cause annoyance or discomfort.

When the User employs the platform either for illegal or immoral purposes, or commits a substantial or reiterate violation of these Terms, Wrebby can prevent him/her from making use of it.

Wrebby may also update or modify the App, in order to bring it in compliance with the legal or regulatory changes and/or to implement minor technical improvements.

Wrebby informs Users, whenever the App may be updated. Some of these updates may be necessary in order to use the App; moreover, some older versions may become obsolete or cease to be supported over time.

The User and/or Owner of the devices used to access the Wrebby platform may be charged fees from their service provider for accessing the Internet on their devices.

By using the App, the User allows Wrebby to collect and use technical information about the devices, related software, hardware and appliances. In so doing, Wrebby will be able to improve its products, and provide the User with its services.

Wrebby's failure to challenge a violation of these Terms should not be considered as acquiescence.

In case of scheduled maintenance works, all or some of the App’s functions may be unavailable. If possible, Wrebby undertakes to notify Users in advance, with announcements on its Site.

In the event of unscheduled maintenance (e.g. in case of a technical fault or system error), Wrebby will do everything in its power to restore the Service in the shortest time possible.

Wrebby may not be held responsible for any situation deriving from unavailability of the App, when this was due to technical problems falling outside its control, including connection or other technical issues.

Data analysis

In order to offer a better user experience, Wrebby records some data, which are related to the App’s use, such as the time spent on a given page or on a certain process, and other information linked, for example, to location, connection, and features of the employed device. This allows Wrebby to solve possible problems, which may occur, and to improve the App itself.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection

Users' personal data will be processed by the Owner in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information, please read out the provisions of our Privacy Policy.

Limitation of liability

The User will be liable for any kind of damages directly or indirectly caused to the Owner, as a consequence of any violation of the obligations included in these Terms, related to the use of the Site and App. Furthermore, the User will keep the Owner free from any sanction, complaint or summons by third parties, including public bodies, presented against the Owner, its employees or collaborators, as a result of the violation of third party rights by the User in the use of the Site, App or services connected to it.


The Owner reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate to the platform, including deleting and/or adding new content and services, and changing their layout.


Free Services and the Site and App’s contents are of indefinite duration; however, where specified, Services which include chargeable options may terminate after the priod, which has been mutually agreed to by the parties.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Without prejudice to what disposed by imperative legal provisions, the Torino Tribunal has exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute related to these Terms, or arising from relationships covered by them. All these matters are governed by Italian law.

This translation is provided only for the clients’ benefit. The contract was originally drafted in Italian and it is, to all extends and purposes, binding. In case of inconsistencies between the English and Italian version, the letter and interpretation of the Italian text shall prevail.